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Accidents can happen, but we can help you reduce them

By Bravo Buffalo 0 Comment March 10, 2015

Spring’s on the horizon and warmer weather means more foot traffic. But that also increases someone’s chances of tripping and falling on your property.

It could happen. You could be faced with a lawsuit just because someone tripped and fell on that uneven sidewalk on your property. That’s what happened to a New Orleans gas station whose customer slipped on the concrete parking lot. It also happened to an Illinois bar, whose customer slipped and fell on the sidewalk. It also happened to a West Virgina retail store.

Leveling your concrete is a faster, cost effective way to prevent possible hazardous conditions. Bravo can level your concrete sidewalk or driveway, which could be 80 percent cheaper than replacing your whole driveway or sidewalk. Not only that, but Bravo will save you time. You won’t be waiting for weeks for concrete to dry — which could cost you money and prevent your business from being accessible.

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