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What Is Soil Stabilization?

Soil stabilization is the process of altering the soil composition to add increased support and stability to improve the overall engineering properties of an area. Soil erosion can occur for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately as the problem worsens over time it can lead to cavities of negative space to form. Without intervention these cavities will continue to grow causing added stress and damage to the now unsupported structure above.

When Should You Consider Soil Stabilization?

As soil beneath a structure begins to erode, the lack of support underneath can cause the structure to sink, shift or in more extreme cases, to break apart. Filling these cavities used to be a highly involved process of excavating the land and filling the cavities with cement or lime. Not only is this archaic method messy, the cost of excavating and filling these cavities can be extremely expensive. For years cement and lime were the only ways to fix this unfortunate issue… until now that is.

Before Soil Stabilization
After Soil Stabilization

Soil Stabilization: HydroFoam

The use of Hydrofoam to fill these vacuous spaces has become a true game changer in the industry. Hydrofoam injection is quickly becoming the preferred method of soil stabilization because of its lower costs and quicker turnaround time compared to traditional methods. The process involves drilling down into the cavity, installing injection ports and piping, and filling the negative space with a high density foam. The specialized, high density foam is capable of getting into all the small nooks and crannies the other methods may miss but as it expands and dries, the foam is strong enough to support the weight of whatever is above it.

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Soil Stabilization: Foundation Repair

Soil Stabilization: Seawall Repair

Real World Applications

Soil Stabilization Case Studies

The case studies below show the various commercial and residential applications where Hydrofoam can be a strong yet cost saving method of addressing your soil erosion issues.