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Enhance Curb Appeal

Concrete Sealers provide improved resistance to weather, water, stains, and abrasives. Sealers also offer resistance to rain, sun, freezing temperatures, petroleum, and deicing salts. Concrete sealers make clean up easier.

Your main decisions regarding sealers are going to be:

• Do you want a clear surface seal?

• Do you want a long lasting penetrating and protective sealer?

• Maybe both?

• Do you want a seal to match the color of the existing colored concrete to make the colors more vibrant?

• Is there any other consideration, such as slip resistance?

There are several ways to achieve slip resistance. We’ll offer you options that best meet your needs and desires.

Bravo! Concrete Maintenance will clean deep into the pores of the concrete to remove any contaminants that disrupt the beauty of your concrete and seal it to restore it to its original charm.

Faded (before)
Faded (before)
Resealed (after)
Resealed (after)

Protect your investment.

The benefit of good maintenance will be beautiful colored concrete that looks good years after it was poured.

Color faded and worn away
Color restored and sealed