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Why Summer is the Best Time for Concrete Leveling 

By nygms2 0 Comment May 24, 2024

When it comes to maintaining your property, addressing uneven concrete is essential. If you’ve noticed sunken or settled concrete around your home or business, summer is the perfect time to tackle this issue. At Brave Buffalo Concrete, we specialize in the latest polyurethane foam injection technology for concrete leveling, also known as foam lifting. Here’s why summer is the best season for this important project.

Ideal Weather Conditions

Summer offers the optimal weather conditions for concrete leveling. Warm, dry weather ensures that the polyurethane foam cures properly and quickly, providing a stable and durable solution. Unlike colder months, where moisture and freezing temperatures can hinder the process, summer allows for efficient and effective repairs without weather-related delays.

Advanced Polyurethane Foam Technology

At Brave Buffalo Concrete, we utilize cutting-edge polyurethane foam injection technology for raising and supporting settled, sunken concrete. This method offers numerous advantages over traditional mudjacking:

  • Lightweight Material: Our polyurethane foam requires significantly less material to achieve the same results as mudjacking. Typically, 6-8 pounds of foam can accomplish what it would take 100-125 pounds of mudjacking grout to do.
  • Smaller Injection Holes: The foam injection process involves smaller and fewer holes compared to mudjacking, resulting in a less invasive and more aesthetically pleasing repair.
  • Less Pressure on Foundations: Polyurethane foam exerts significantly less pressure on your home’s foundation, reducing the risk of damage and ensuring long-lasting stability.

Cost-Effective Solution

Concrete leveling with polyurethane foam is a cost-effective alternative to replacing concrete. By choosing foam lifting, you can save more than half the cost of pouring new concrete. Additionally, this method eliminates the expenses associated with demolition, removal, and landscaping, further increasing your savings.

Quick and Efficient Repairs

Summer provides longer daylight hours, which means our team can complete repairs more quickly and efficiently. Polyurethane foam injection is a fast process, allowing you to return to normal use of your concrete surfaces in no time. Whether it’s driveways, sidewalks, patios, or other concrete areas, summer is the ideal season to get the job done with minimal disruption.

Environmentally Friendly

Polyurethane foam injection is an eco-friendly option for concrete leveling. The lightweight material minimizes waste and reduces the need for excessive raw materials. By choosing foam lifting over concrete replacement, you’re making a sustainable choice that benefits both your property and the environment.

Enhanced Safety and Aesthetics

Uneven concrete surfaces can pose safety hazards and detract from the appearance of your property. Summer is the perfect time to address these issues, ensuring that your walkways, driveways, and other concrete areas are safe and visually appealing. With polyurethane foam injection, Brave Buffalo Concrete can restore your surfaces to their original level, enhancing both safety and curb appeal.

Summer is undoubtedly the best time for concrete leveling, offering ideal weather conditions, advanced technology, cost savings, quick repairs, and environmental benefits. At Brave Buffalo Concrete, we’re committed to providing top-quality polyurethane foam injection services that restore your concrete surfaces efficiently and effectively. Don’t let uneven concrete compromise the safety and beauty of your property—contact us today to schedule your summer concrete leveling project!