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Preparing Your Stamped Concrete for the Winter

By Bravo Buffalo 0 Comment September 24, 2021

While winter may still be a few months away (hopefully), it’s never too early to start thinking about preparing your property for the inevitable arctic temperatures ahead. The winter months are an especially tough time for stamped concrete. The cold and ice can cause cracks, chips, and other damage that will require expensive repairs to fix. To prevent these problems from happening you should take a few simple steps to help protect your investment and help keep your stamped concrete looking great all year long!

Store Patio Furniture

Keep all furniture legs away from your stamped concrete! Furniture with sharp corners can cause significant damage if they are allowed to constantly scrape across your concrete surfaces. Place felt pads or rubber caps on the legs of all furniture to help protect your concrete flooring, or store them in the garage or basement until spring.

Avoid Bleach When Cleaning

It’s common to clean concrete driveways and patios before winter settles to remove any leaf debris or stains. Avoid using harsh cleaning products that could damage stamped concrete. For example, bleach can become trapped in small cracks and cause discoloration over time if not properly removed before it has a chance to dry.

Clear Ice and Snow

Do not allow snow and ice to accumulate on your stamped concrete. Removing the snow and ice as soon as it happens will help prevent damage from occurring, just try to avoid using a shovel with a metal edge as it can scratch and even gouge your stamped concrete surfaces.

Use Eco-Friendly De-Icing

Avoid using salt or other caustic de-icing materials on your stamped concrete surfaces. Salt can severely discolor your stamped concrete if it becomes trapped in the surface.

Sealcoat It

One of the best ways to protect your stamped concrete is by sealing it. Sealing your stamped concrete will help to block out the elements, which means that the cold and ice won’t be able to cause damage like cracks or chips! Not only that, but sealing your stamped concrete will also help increase its longevity.

Protect Your Stamped Concrete

Don’t let the cold weather take its toll on your beautiful stamped concrete! Follow these five must-do maintenance tips during the winter months so you are not left with an expensive problem in April when it is too late!

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