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Seawall Stabilization

By Bravo Buffalo 0 Comment July 26, 2021

Western New York and Seawall Stabilization

Western New York is fortunate enough to be located next to a variety of lakes, rivers, streams, creeks, ponds, and even some gorges. With all these waterways it can surely make for some scenic views especially if you are lucky enough to own a home or business on the shore. As picturesque as these properties may be, owning land near waterways can come with their own challenges. 

Seawalls are man made structures put in place to help prevent flooding, erosion and waves that would otherwise damage homes, roads, buildings and other structures. These seawalls are crucial to help preserve and protect the inhabitants of the shoreline. Over time, the tides, waves, constant currents and even the fresh water freeze cycle we experience every winter can slowly start washing away the soil surrounding these seawalls, creating pockets or caverns that can compromise their strength and stability. If left alone for long enough, cracks can form, causing leaks that allow the soil supporting the structure to cave in or simply wash away. 

The Solution

Seawall stabilization is a revolutionary process that helps reinforce these compromised seawall structures by filling the gaps created through erosion with a hydrofoam material that is strong, durable and most importantly, immune to water and eco-friendly. This high density foam is strong enough to withstand the weight and pressure of the surrounding soil while helping to displace left behind water pockets. 

The whole process starts by drilling several holes down into these vacuous caverns behind the seawall. After these long holes are drilled, specialized piping is inserted into the hole providing technicians with secure spots to inject the specialized hydrofoam material. The hydrofoam expands to fill all the little cavities in the vacuous space beneath the soil creating a strong, solid mass that can withstand tremendous amounts of weight and pressure from the surrounding soil. After these caverns are adequately filled to the recommended specifications the piping is removed and the area is cleaned of any debris. No heavy equipment or excavation is needed and the hydrofoam dries rather quickly leaving little down time. 

Seawall stabilization is quickly becoming more necessary as time has finally started to catch up to an aging infrastructure. Here at Bravo Concrete Maintenance we are proud to offer such a cutting edge and eco friendly solution for what is becoming a more common issue. For more information about our soil or seawall stabilization services call us today at (716) 834-2454.