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Bravo Buffalo’s Spring Concrete Cleaning Tips

By Bravo Buffalo 0 Comment June 29, 2021

It’s officially spring, so break out your cleaning tools and supplies, brush off the winter haze and start checking off all the things you promised yourself you would do! When it comes to cleaning your concrete surfaces there are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind to tackle those hard to clean stains. 

Stains Happen

Your concrete driveway, walkways, patios and pool surrounds sit exposed to elements. Over time, dirt and debris can sit stagnant on your concrete surfaces causing natural stains and discoloration. Most of the time, the mud, dirt and debris can simply be swept and rinsed away with a hose or treated with a quick power washing session. In fact, a decent power washing session should be able to clean the majority of surface level stains.

Set-In Stains

Set in stains are often cause concern for home and business owners alike. Concrete is a porous material, meaning that everything from road salt to the transmission fluid leak on your car can cause discoloration below the surface. Don’t get deterred, that just means it’s going to take a little bit of effort to fix. The first step to treating a tough set-in stain is to try using VERY HOT water to try and lift the stain to the surface. Sometimes simple hot water can be enough to bring the stains to the surface where you can scrub and use a shop vac to lift away the stain permanently. If hot water and a little elbow grease won’t do the trick you can try different detergents to tackle trouble spots. Not all concrete cleaners are the same however, so be sure to read the product labels carefully to determine what is right for your situation. 

  • Bio-remediation: Bio-remediation is one of the most effective methods for getting rid of those hard to clean grease / oil-based stains. Bio-remediation cleaners work by dissolving bacteria that helps breakdown grease and oil leaving behind water and carbon dioxide making it safer to use for you, your animals, and the surrounding vegetation. The one drawback of bio-remediation is that it can often require multiple applications to obtain the desired results. If you have the time, this method is ideal for a set it and forget it approach. Just check on the stain every so often and add fresh powder when needed until the stain is completely gone.
  • Concrete Cleaner:  There are plenty of products out there that will help remove stains much quicker than bio-remediation. Concrete cleaners and degreasers that are often sold at your local hardware store can be a bit abrasive and require a little bit of effort but if you are hoping to solve your stain problems sooner it might be the ideal approach. Leaving abrasive degreasers to sit for too long can cause permanent discoloration or bleaching so please remember to follow the purchased products guidelines. 

Cleaning stains off of your concrete can be pretty straightforward for even the most novice DIY’er. Some homeowners though, don’t want the hassle, so the best way to treat concrete stains is to be proactive and prevent them by sealing your concrete surfaces. Here at Bravo Buffalo we offer an extended assortment of concrete sealers to satisfy the needs of all of our clients. From high traffic areas to your pool surround, we can make sure your surfaces stay protected from spills, stains and whatever may find itself sitting in your driveway. Call us today for your free estimate at (716) 834-2454.