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Summer Concrete Maintenance

By Bravo Buffalo 0 Comment June 25, 2020

As the sun shines and temperatures climb throughout Western New York most people are spending more time outside. Concrete may be one of the most durable materials used in construction but even low-maintenance materials need a little TLC from time to time.  So whether you plan on lounging around your pool, grilling on your patio or playing basketball with the kids in your driveway, it’s important to make sure your concrete surfaces are up to the task. 

Concrete Leveling

The freezing winters and seeming endless bouts of rain can cause shifting and settling, leading to uneven concrete surfaces that could cause potential problems. Not only will your surfaces look unattractive, but as the concrete slabs continue to separate, it could become a tripping hazard. Concrete leveling can eliminate uneven gaps between slabs, improving the look and feel of your concrete surfaces at a fraction of the cost of replacing them. With the latest innovations in polyurethane foam injection technology most uneven surfaces can be fixed in a day allowing for immediate use after the job is completed. Learn more about Polyurethane Concrete Raising and Concrete Leveling.

Concrete Cleaning

Cleaning your concrete surfaces should always be part of your spring and summer maintenance routine. Dirt and grime can slowly build up over time, but a thorough cleaning can be a night and day difference in the appearance of your concrete surfaces. Not only does cleaning your concrete make a visual difference by removing stubborn stains and washing away debris, it can also help to extend their life by removing caustic irritants like road salt and de-icing chemicals that can degrade your surfaces over time. While most homes would benefit from owning a pressure washer, a professional cleaning can tackle those tough stains that may require a little extra elbow grease without damaging the surfaces themselves or the surrounding areas. Learn more about concrete cleaning.

Concrete Sealing

Once your concrete surfaces are clean it’s time to turn your attention to protecting them against future stains. Sealing your concrete can improve the look of your surfaces while creating a protective layer that can increase their lifespan. A good sealant helps protect against moisture absorption, mold, mildew, exposure to chemicals, grease stains and oil stains. How often you need to clean and reseal your concrete depends on the weather conditions the concrete is exposed to and the amount of traffic it receives. In general, concrete should be resealed every two to three years, or when the finish begins to show wear. Learn more about concrete sealing.

Your Go-To Summer Concrete Maintenance Professionals

From concrete leveling to cleaning, stain removal, sealing and restorations, when it comes to concrete maintenance nobody beats Bravo. With an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau our clients satisfaction is our #1 priority. For a free estimate call us today at (716) 834-2454.