Swim into Summer with Concrete Pool Repair

Swim into Summer with Concrete Pool Repair

By Bravo Buffalo 0 Comment June 14, 2017

Summer is here!

You know what that means? Swimming. And lots of it. However, before you cannon ball into your pool, it’s time for some maintenance! Proper maintenance is key to making your pool last for years to come! As long as your concrete is structurally sound, there are several options you can take to repair your pool deck and make it look great.

How do you know if your concrete needs repair?

Before beginning any repair project, you’ll want to find what caused the damage and come up the with best solution to fix it.


If there are cracks, there could be problems below your concrete. Cracks usually form before concrete settlement. Concrete filling is a good option to stop deterioration and preserve your pool deck concrete. If your concrete has settled, concrete leveling will help raise your concrete to its proper placement.

Excessive Slope

This is another indicator of concrete starting to settle. Typically pools decks are installed with a small amount of slope. However, if it feels like you’re walking downhill, then that is a good indicator of your pool starting to settle.

Trip Hazards

As concrete settles and cracks, it can become a trip hazard. When different slabs next to each other settle at different amounts, the joints between the slabs can turn into a serious hazard. For vinyl pools, trip hazards can vary from nothing at the pool’s edge, to large amounts at the outside edge.

Concrete Leveling

For any unsettled concrete, consider concrete leveling. Don’t let uneven concrete get in the way. Your pool deck is already slippery enough. Concrete leveling is a process of raising and supporting settled sunken uneven concrete. We utilize the latest in polyurethane foam injection technology. Most polyurethane projects can be completed quickly and economically with minimal disruption, and are ready for use the same day.

Get summer ready! Call Bravo Buffalo and make sure your pool is ready for a swimmingly good summer!