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What Causes Uneven Concrete?

By Bravo Buffalo 0 Comment February 5, 2021

Concrete has been used for thousands of years because of its strength and ability to stand the test of time. A strong slab of concrete may be able to withstand the test of time but more often than not, it is the soil surrounding the slab that can cause complications. Driveways and sidewalks are especially susceptible to moving and shifting as soil erosion and/or lifting can change the alignment of your concrete slabs from season to season. Uneven concrete can be a safety hazard if the gap or deviation is significant enough. So what causes concrete to move and shift?   

Uneven Concrete & Settling

The concrete you see on your driveway and sidewalks has an average thickness of 4 inches and can typically weigh 150lbs per cubic foot. With all that weight it should come as no surprise that over time, as the ground begins to erode and settle, these heavy slabs can gradually move and shift. As these slabs sink they can create gaps between adjacent slabs that can become a safety hazard and liability to your home or business.

Uneven Concrete & Lifting

Just as easily as your concrete can sink, your slab can also raise to create equally menacing gaps and hazards. When a slab of concrete raises it can usually be attributed to a couple different triggers. Tree roots can grow beneath your concrete and gradually cause your surfaces to shift and separate, causing an uneven surface. The seasons can have an effect on your concrete. The freeze/thaw cycle can also allow your concrete to become uneven. As moisture starts to settle underneath your concrete surfaces, the temperatures can drop, allowing the water below to freeze and expand. This in turn causes concrete to rise, leaving you with an unwelcome surprise when spring finally comes.

Bravo Concrete Maintenance

Back in the day if you wanted to correct your uneven concrete you could expect to lose days of use waiting for a messy mudjacking job to dry and settle. Luckily advancements using the latest polyurethane foam technology can help cut down time to just a few hours while leaving less of an environmental impact.

If you’re worried about the uneven concrete around your home or business, call Bravo Concrete Maintenance today at (716) 834-2454.