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What to Consider When Choosing Stamped Concrete Colors

By Bravo Buffalo 0 Comment October 21, 2021

Stamped concrete is a beautiful and versatile option for your driveway, patio or walkway. There are so many colors to choose from! But before you can pick the perfect color, here are some factors to consider:

How Will Stamped Concrete be Used?

If it’s going in an area that doesn’t see much sun, then lighter colors may be more appropriate. If you have pets or kids who might track dirt onto the stamped concrete, darker colors may work better because they’ll hide stains better.

What Other Materials are Being Used?

Is there any trim on the house made out of brick or stone? You want your stamped concrete to match these materials as closely as possible for a seamless look. For stamped concrete that matches the color of brick, we recommend choosing a red or tan stamped concrete color.

Other stamped concrete color ideas and pairings:

  • Red stamped concrete can look rustic and elegant at the same time. It’s one of our most popular colors because it works so well with many architectural styles. If you love this look but aren’t sure if your house is the right one, we recommend using a stamped concrete overlay instead.
  • Tan stamped concrete is also very versatile and works well with many different kinds of houses. It’s especially nice for stamped concrete that will be used in front of walkways or patios because it looks good even when it gets dirty.
  • If you want your stamped concrete to look like stone rather than brick, use colors such as gray, black, brown and deep orange. These darker shades really pop against lighter stone materials such as sandstone and limestone. But if they’re too bold for your taste, try tan or light grey stamped concrete instead.
  • If stamped concrete will be used in front of a house with wood siding, use colors that are similar to the tone and hue of any trim you have on your home. For example, if there is cream-colored paint or cedar shingles, then an earthy tan stamped concrete color can work well. Or for more contrast between stamped concrete and siding, choose black stamped concrete.
  • Is your stamped concrete going to be exposed? Will it sit against another surface like brick pavers ? Then lighter colors usually work best because they’ll make these surfaces stand out instead of blending in too much. Lighter stamped concrete also reflects sunlight better than darker options However, this isn’t always the best option for stamped concrete with a lot of exposed aggregate because the contrast between these materials can create too much depth.
  • If you want stamped concrete that is darker, choose one of the following colors: red, black, green, brown or gray . These look especially nice on stamped concrete patios and walkways where there are no other surfaces to stand out against them. You also might consider using dark tans or light grays if stamped concrete will be used in front of wood siding.
  • Finally, darker colors tend to work better than lighter stamped concrete for driveways because they hide tire tracks and other stains better. If you still want a lighter stamped concrete color, consider choosing a stamped-concrete overlay instead of an integral mix

Cleaning and Sealing Stamped Concrete

Your home’s concrete surfaces are an investment that you worked hard for, so why not make sure they last. Here at Bravo Concrete Maintenance we specialize in restoring and staining stamped concrete. If your stamped concrete could use some attention call us today for your free estimate at (716) 834-2454.