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Common Driveway Sealing Mistakes To Avoid

By nygms2 0 Comment February 14, 2024

Avoiding common mistakes while sealing your driveway can help to make the sealing last longer. Here are some common driveway sealing mistakes you should avoid:

  • Not cleaning your driveway before sealing: Cleaning your driveway before sealing it is important so that dirt and debris doesn’t get trapped underneath the sealant. If dirt and debris is trapped, it decreases the adhesiveness of the sealant. 
  • Applying too much sealant: Applying too much sealant to your driveway can lead to premature cracking and peeling. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to see how much you need for your driveway.
  • Sealcoating in bad weather: The weather plays a key role in the success of driveway sealing. It is recommended that you seal your driveway in dry weather with the temperature above 50 degrees Fahrenheit.