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Solutions to prevent standing water on your driveway

By nygms2 0 Comment March 19, 2023

Standing water can cause damage to your driveway because it can seep into cracks and freeze which causes it to expand and crack and create potholes in the driveway. It can also cause algae to grow on your driveway making it dirty and unappealing. Here are some ways you can prevent standing water:

  • Add a gradient: Adding a gradient to your concrete driveway helps to drain water quicker and easier. You could install a gradient where the water runs down into a lawn or border.
  • A trench drain: Trench drains are linear drains that move water from your driveway through an underground drainage system. 
  • Install a driveway that is made of porous material: Having a driveway that is porous helps to get rid of water quicker and easier. Two popular porous materials are permeable block pavement and resin bound pavement.