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Tips for maintaining your concrete driveway

By nygms2 0 Comment February 22, 2023

Concrete driveways are nice because they don’t have much maintenance. Maintaining your concrete driveway thoroughly helps to increase the lifetime of your driveway. Here are some tips to maintain your concrete driveway:

  • Remove stains immediately: From time to time things can stain your driveway such as oil, gasoline, and grease. It’s important to remove these stains immediately because they can cause discoloration and damage to your driveway.
  • Don’t use deicing products: Many deicing products contain chemicals that can damage your driveway. Especially don’t use deicing products the first winter after the driveway was placed.
  • Reseal your driveway: You should reseal your driveway every 2 years or so. You should also reseal your driveway if you notice your driveway starting to wear.