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Why Heavy Vehicles Damage Driveways

By nygms2 0 Comment December 9, 2023

You’ve probably heard that you shouldn’t keep heavy vehicles on your driveway for long periods of time or that you should park your car in different places on your driveway. This is because heavy vehicles can damage your driveway. Here’s why heavy vehicles damage driveways:

  • Heavy weight and pressure: Heavy vehicles add a lot of weight and pressure to your driveway which can cause it to crack, sink, and become uneven. 
  • Tire impact: Pressure from your car’s single or dual rear wheels can create depressions and/or ruts in your driveway. 
  • Turning radius: Heavy vehicles require a higher turning radius than regular cars. When heavy vehicles make sharp turns they scrape against the driveways edges which can cause abrasion, chipping, or cracking.