Winter Driveway Maintenance Tips - Bravo Buffalo

Winter Driveway Maintenance Tips

By nygms2 0 Comment January 24, 2024

The winter season can be tough on your driveway, especially Buffalo winters. Here are some winter maintenance tips for your driveway:

  • Use calcium-based ice melt: Using rock salt can cause damage to your driveway so you should avoid using it. Calcium-based ice melt is a great alternative to rock salt and still gets the job done without damaging your driveway. 
  • Shovel slowly and carefully: Shoveling your driveway too quickly or with lots of force can cause damage to your driveway. Avoid chipping away at thick ice with the shovel blade. This will cause damage because you’re chipping away at the ice and your driveway.
  • Avoid parking heavy vehicles on your driveway: Parking heavy vehicles on your driveway for long periods of time or consistently can cause damage to your driveway due to all the pressure, especially in colder conditions.